How to act in present to improve percentage of success?

I have always wanted to say this but procrastinated…

I won’t ever again until I forget the pains of delay and miseries of inactivity.

If you haven’t guessed what I am talking about, you must worry!!



Because you are not in the present moment to have sensed it right.

If you lose the moment available to you right now, you suffer later not necessarily in terms of money or health but in life.

Do you wish to welcome trouble in your life?


If not, then don’t wait to be perfect because imperfection is real.

Analysis and improvements would help you become better but only after actions have been taken.


Two laws are governing the action:

First: Until and unless the activity is performed, the results should not be expected 

Second: Don’t expect different results from the same actions


As Albert Einstein says

Insanity is doing the same things again and again and expecting different results


But the most important principle is “Take action

And at the root of it lies the crucial element i.e. “At present

This means that you must “act in present” because if you procrastinate, you delay results…

 Let’s prove it with an example from the life of Adams



Adams is an advertiser who believes that an eye for the most obvious will help you save the day and make you discover things often ignored by the wide-open eyes.

Adams was asked by Mr Oswald to return to the editing department on account of the lack of orders to advertise in the newspaper.

He was assigned this mammoth task of ascertaining the reasons behind the shortfall of ads in the newspaper and find alternatives to cover up the shortfall in the revenue.

Adams believed that if he could find out an avenue often overlooked by the advertising agencies, he could rather scale the revenues to go beyond targets 

To do this, he went on with his disciplined manner of looking for a cue

One day at the department understanding the areas of Ads and their shortfall

The second day observing the existing ads and change of Ads is any

And the third in room combining the learnings from both days with his understanding of Ads and their timing 

Since the result had to be evident in every manner whether it was the rise in revenues or search of avenues, he took some more days before arriving at any conclusion.

What he observed was astonishing not only for Mr Oswald but for the entire agency?

Can you guess it?


Let me tell you that it’s too obvious.

First proposal 

He said to give the advertisers free consultation during the slack mentioning “How to advertise at zero cost?”

This would ignite their desires to freely advertise and raise revenues without output.

In this proposal, they would be asked to advertise free for a month provided they signed up for one month of the season.

The fees would be predecided and an advance of 50% needs to be paid right away. 

The rest after the season.

NOTE: The cost of advertising doubles up during the season and falls to half during slack 

This would ensure no slots went empty.

Second Proposal

This was even more simple…

A flat rate of advertising would be applicable if they signup for a yearly package with a monthly payment option without having to worry about the rise in the prices during the season.


Which do you feel got successful?

The answer is obvious that it would be second but in fact, both were meant for different types of clients and so both were implemented and the rest is history.

If Adams would have thought to raise the prices of the Ads during the season time and that would cover up the losses, the revenue earned would have been delayed and in some cases lost.


Another avenue that he found out was splitting up the sections and providing just the number and USP as a short form of Ad at 1/10th of the cost which would make it fall within the pockets wishing to advertise even during slack as it just costed 1/10th.

Wasn’t it obvious?


Yes, indeed

But this won’t get the right results during the season when more content would drive more leads than just the number and USP.

This timely action talks about the Japanese concept of Ichi-go Ichi-e i.e. to focus on the present and enjoy every moment that life brings with action. 

This moment is not going to come back ever again and so it is required to Act now.


As Earl Nightingale puts it

Ideas are worthless unless we act on them 


Let’s conclude


I acted in the present 

To receive results pleasant 

To stop the delay in the outcome

Which would help me 

Make iterations as many

And get results I can’t see

Without having to worry about penny…


If you feel the same as I do, don’t try to be perfect, just pull it off and start right now to experience the bliss!

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  1. I wasn’t in the present moment initially, and you caught me with the few lines😅

    A really inspiring and handy blog to which I’ll keep coming back to know the importance of present moment!

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