Be copied

Originality is a myth. You must start copying and become an expert

Many days went by but I was unable to figure out, what was I doing in life?

Was I copying someone and losing my identity?

Was I just going with the flow without knowing the ultimate aim?


Was I a copied version of my parents?


Well, copying has always been something that is considered sinful but in reality, no one would exist copying.

We copy the alphabets in our notebook in the initial years of our life

Then we copy the notes while in school

Post that we copy the traits of those considered influential in school

And finally, we copy our ideals if any


The entire life we copy

Why do we?

To become better or someone else?

This is a personal question and so, let’s answer it personally…


We copy several traits from several people at the same time knowingly or unknowingly 

Because we wish to adept as they are in what they do

Not only to improve our traits but to discover our potential and uniqueness


If you still feel bad on account of copying?

Then let me make you aware that this is a trait of noblemen that you have copied 

And so you feel the guilt

Every action is a copied action and so you can’t avoid copying 


With every aim, you set out in your life 

You take steps and improve in the process either looking at the aim or the Ideal

Both ways you are performing certain actions that are not taken for the first time in the history of humans 

But the fact is that you don’t know who took them before you 

And so you feel its original 


Define Original?

Simply stated Original is Plagiarism undetected 

And so your action and reactions are all copied!!


Let’s understand why copying is good in life not in exams through the story of Adams 



Adams if you are unaware is an adept advertiser who works as the Vice President in the Oswald Advertising services. 

His obvious approach to demystifying complex looking logic and actions always keeps him in the limelight 

He has converted several thousands of customers for his clients with his obvious approach

So, let’s understand he justifies copying 

Once upon a time when Adams was still an associate, he was about to be given this task to advertise for a bakery when suddenly on the demand of the client

Mr Watson, the chief editor was assigned the project 


The client was under an impression that the ad would get the required conversion without having to worry and so wanted a great ad copy

This when looked upon  

By Mr Watson who was adept in making the ad copy went ahead and made one 

The ad copy used such impressive words that Adams was baffled 

Would he be able to write such an ad copy in his life?


But that doesn’t matter

You might ask why?

What matters is the conversion ratio out of impressions 

And though the ad copy was fantastic, the conversion was great in the beginning but fell steeply post a week 


What was the reason?

Can you guess it?


Well don’t worry if you unable to guess it

The reason came to light when the client complained of distrust by customers and a fall in sales 

Before they could understand the case further and give the client the desired result 

Mr Oswald asked Adams to visit the bakery and find out the reason for the loss of sales and trust


What was discovered?

The discovery made by Adams was pretty obvious saying that products are not what they are advertised as

The ad imbibed a feeling of God in people when had bakery products compared to the nectar of gold delivered to God 

Whereas the cakes were tasty but in no manner nectar of gold 


This inconsistency first made them buy it as if it would please them beyond imagination 

But later, in reality, turned against the expectation that had set for it 

Thus causing discomfort and loss of trust


When asked Adams about the solution 

He was already prepared based on his 3 Day Observation Blueprint that he had implemented from the time the project started 

Though not assigned to him 

What were the observations and the solutions?


The solution was simple as it advised:

  • Giving away free cupcakes for taste and trial 
  • Asking the views of the customers and what new additions do they expect 
  • Packaging the bakery products in brownish gold covers to convey the feel of the bakery
  • Inviting the customers to have an inner view of the bakery when the cakes were produced

This would instil faith in the customers and the sales will rise 


Mr Oswald after having a thorough look at it for any inconsistencies

Asked for its implementation ASAP

What do you think was the result?


The sales skyrocketed and the trust they built via it was unimaginable 

Everything that Adams did was so obvious but so effective 


How did he know the key to cracking the bakery case?

There is a story behind it to 


Adams when young and in elementary school, used to work for a bakery 

The bakery wasn’t as big as this but somehow from the time he started working in the bakery 

The sales had risen and the owner was satisfied 

There was nothing extraordinary about Adams but still he was good with the work he did 


All these practices that he implemented here for the client had been tested by him while in the bakery 

These practices though simple had given him the results even then and so he thought and implemented them again 


He copied his actions which were earlier copied from someone else 

And he succeeded!!


So, there is nothing bad in copying and nothing to feel guilty about 

Until you are copying in an exam 


If you are still confused about whether you should copy or not,

Let me revise all the points for you 

Now, do you believe that copying is good!!

If yes, 

Let me know your views in the comment section or share it on Twitter and tag me @honey_parlani


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