Aimless Days

Did I keep myself as a hostage?
Or was I lost in an adage?
As per my package
Carrying my own baggage
Unable to prescribe my usage
Continuing with the same dosage

I went on a ride
But thought of it as a tide
That swayed me
And beyond which, I couldn’t see


There were few things, that I tried
And those gave me immense pride
But once they were gone
I waited for the dawn
To give me new light
A chance to fight
To prove and paint a future bright
That was the masterpiece of my sight…

Will it happen like that?
As it requires more than ” a pat on the back”
To bring my cycle on track
Needs a real reason
Not just the change of seasons

Believe! The reason is inside me
But, it was world, I tried to see
It will ignite the needed fire
And dress me in a miraculous attire
To walk away from satire
To suppress my half liar
To go out and achieve my desire…

I have & I will
With confidence in my skills
Achieve the epitome
Acquire the throne
In whichever direction I proceed
Its in my destiny to succeed!!!

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