Mother is not a personBut it is a figureWhich is epitome to my lifeEven after I get married and have a wifeShe had been caring since my birthEven though when asked for something valuable amidst the dearthShe would take care of me like her babyAnd carry me in her arms even though I got heavyIn …

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Aimless Days

Did I keep myself as a hostage?Or was I lost in an adage?As per my packageCarrying my own baggageUnable to prescribe my usageContinuing with the same dosageI went on a rideBut thought of it as a tideThat swayed meAnd beyond which, I couldn’t see There were few things, that I triedAnd those gave me immense …

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Possessions are getting me right People are holding me tight I am kind of entering a fight Things are getting missed from my sight Is my future bright? I am trying to resurrect Getting into talks direct Is my path correct? I have tried to start afresh Keeping aside all the stress Getting into life’s …

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