Life- Summed Up!!

Current Scenario

The wait has ended
My life has bended
To run on new lane
Forgetting the pain
Giving new start
Joining the pieces that had fallen apart
Towards a new aim
Playing new game
With no fame
And no one to blame…

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Few years later

The lane went on
Those times have gone
Which taught me to chase
Stealing away my life’s phase…

Couple of years later

Lessons have been learnt 
Past has been burnt
In moments of worry
For pain and glory
I feel sorry!!
Reading upside down my life
I laugh on my strive
And question it’s need
When I wanted a life : Simple indeed…
Road ahead is long
My life has become a song
Unheard by people, unsung by me
Mirror, a friend – shows reality I never wanted to see…

Nearing End

Peace has become my goal
Worries were the culprit who stole
With an end to them 
I will win the game
Of pain and sorrow
With no need to borrow
Not money but time
On this peaceful earth
Of abundance and not dearth
With this, let me RIP for the time to come
As worries got subtracted, smiles got summed…

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