Who am I???

Am I a thought?
In which my body was caught?
Did I get lost?
Or did I incur too much of a cost?
I don’t know
It just struck my mind
And made it rewind! Rewind! Rewind!
In the entire process
Did I ur a word
Was that heard?
Is it sounding absurd?
Or am I considered a nerd?
It lead to some action
In turn leading to many reactions
Let me rewind
Let me juggle up my mind…
Action lead to reactions
Only considered a fraction
Turning something into centre of attraction
But what? Is it about the dot?
Well, it had become my habit
And it might be a carrot to many rabbits
But why is it important?
Is it a success factor?
Or is it building my character?
And what does that define
Does it refine??
I think, I gave me
No no no
It made me mine
It gave me Divine
Building up my future
Did I?
I did build a future
With that thought
In which my body was caught
Considered to be a dot
Out of the entire lot
So let me tell you
Who am I?
I am honey a thought
Which I would like to sow in each and every heart
Before I depart!!!

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