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Is imperfect life easy and helpful for you?

Have you ever thought that life is perfect in every manner?

You won’t believe it and that’s true…

We all have several imperfections in our life and these imperfections are beautiful!!

Don’t believe a word I say 

-T Harv Eker 

And he is correct as until you validate it don’t believe me.

If you think Why? 

Read ahead and you would discover your answer naturally but if it’s a NO, please read ahead so that I could present a new possibility for you.

You remember Ratan Tata quoting things mentioning that 

We like Mercedes but our heart is filled with joy while walking on streets  

Similarly, though we preach perfection but being perfect is an anomaly 

Again you would ask me Why?

The answer is 

Neither Worry, 

Nor Hurry

Let it pace

Life is not a Race

There is none to chase 

Your present is just a phase

Which shall pass

Making you fall in an elite class 

Not of monetary pleasure 

But life at leisure 

If you feel the vibe 

You would attract the tribe 

To rejoice with you 

Even though they are few 

What matters is faith in the heart 

To become class apart 

Without losing the peace

As even the photo looks grim, without saying “Cheese”


So, enjoy the imperfections and rejoice in them. 

The life without imperfections would be infractions but never complete…

Let’s understand the same through the story of Adams 


If you might ask about Adams, 

Read this- How Adams made marketing look obvious

And if you wish to just know him, remember he is an advertiser with an eye for obvious things, which makes people surprised every time he comes up with an answer.

You might again ask Why? 

And How?

Everyone is surprised because everyone knew that but never thought it was that crucial and simple.

And how would be answered by saying that – he looked for obvious which others ignored but he didn’t.


Adams was once asked by his Head Mr Oswald that he must visit Manu, a great painter of the 19th century who thought advertising was the key to riches.

The painter always thought that having more people would mean better communication to the people desirous of having paintings & would pay high amounts for the same.

When given this task to Adams to come up with the tagline, he did work out his regular muscles 

One day on the field observing the painter and inspiration

On the second day understanding the process of idea conception to the birth of painting 

 And third as usual, locking himself up to combine his learnings and observations 

What do you think was the tagline suggested by Adams?


Was it a great painter’s showcase of art?


A great imagination brought to reality?

The answer wasn’t so simple indeed…

Adams told Manu that he would disclose the headline only if he promised to obey what Adams said without question.


To this Manu agreed and asked for the headline

Adams reply was – Skip the idea of Ads!!

Manu was astonished but couldn’t ask a question as promised and so asked 

What’s Next?

Adams reply was the most simple one but one with a deep foundation.

He suggested Manu visit the royal palace of the Queen and gift one of the masterpieces to her, requesting her to make it the centre of attraction in the Royal Conference with the elites in the coming week.

This would spread his praise via word of mouth coming directly from the Queen, leading to elites making a demand for it.

 A question hovered in the mind of Manu which Adams had figured out.

It was Why should he do this?

The reason was:

The painting was inspired by the imperfections of life which make you keep aside the perfectionism and long for the natural beauty which is humane in reality.

It talked about life embracing the defects in it.

So, it was never meant for masses who aimed for perfection but for classes who believed in peace at heart.



When Manu did as directed by Adams, his paintings became a craving for elites longing for natural music of life with an element of discord…

Wasn’t it obvious and imperfect !!

Well if it was, it is the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi meaning the beauty of imperfection.

I enjoy being imperfect as it provides me with several avenues to improve and stay at peace…

Do you too?

If you resonate with the message and wish to learn the art of embracing Wabi-Sabi, just comment below or strike a chord with me at [email protected]

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