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Science behind SUCCESS

What do you wish to be in life?

Is it being successful or being happy?

If you choose one among the two, you will strive for the other for the rest of your life.

But if you choose both, life will be yours and you will at peace.

You might think is it possible?

Well, Yes. It’s real and Adams is a live example of the same.

Now, who is Adams?

Just remember for now that Adams is a Great Advertiser of the 20th century and he wished to become the same when he left his evening school and wanted to work for Mr Oswald the best Advertiser of the 19th century.

And don’t forget that Adams achieved what he wished for but also loves his dream of being at peace with success.

Thus, Adams is a happy successful man.

The answer to what you are thinking now is YES.

He would have got lucky or got some favours or time favoured him but the truth is different as he worked his way to where he is today.

So, how did he become successful and happy too?

The answer to this lies in his story…


Adams belonged to a small town but he was not extraordinary (If you thought so). Rather he was a normal person with an average IQ.

To know more about his story, 

Read Adams obvious way of Marketing 

But that is out of scope, so let’s come back and understand how he achieved success.

The day Mr Oswald delivered a lecture at his evening school, he made up his mind that he would work for Mr Oswald and enter Advertising.

Did he get success at this?


He was determined and his unquestionable thirst in advertising could only be satisfied with the work in the same field.

He became an assistant to Mr Oswald but without knowledge not without education.

This means he was educated but had no clue and so he figured out being an assistant in the editing section.

But this is not what he desired at the beginning, so he started acquiring the skillset, toolset for the same developing the right mindset to align the other two.

Thus, his purpose to become a man of great intellect in ads was achieved slowly but only when he established faith in himself and his tact of solving the case at hand.

You would think this looks so simple, but let me tell you that the story is narrated from 6000 ft. above the ground and so pains go unnoticed.

His thoughts which uplifted lift him several times did make him fall too on several occasions, but that didn’t take away his courage to go find every alternative to succeed at it.

He imagined himself in every situation and found the best solution by not just thinking but acting at every point in time undaunted in the face of failure.

Not only did he take from everyone what he required but he paid back in gratitude and so “he became what he thought about”.

All this happened because he was disciplined in his rituals and never let his health get affected or his emotions make him procrastinate.

His calm nature and belief sow the seeds of success even when it seemed impossible!!

So, he concluded that SUCCESS is possible when you 



Have you observed every single point behind his success?

Have you decoded the science behind the success?

If your answer is No,

Don’t worry. Let’s understand each point in the Science behind SUCCESS in detail…

If you resonate and think it’s true, lemme know your views in the comment box or you can write to me at [email protected]


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