The Lifeline

Mother is the purest form of art
And she is the father of smart
If you are lucky at birth, she is added to your cart
But lives are not eternal, one day she will depart
So, before the ground beneath your feet goes apart
Fulfill her one wish of love and care by giving it a start
Don’t miss this opportunity so great
As she is present in all your traits
Preach her if you want to preach God
Because once she leaves this body, she would be forever abroad
As she would be out of reach
And you will miss the way, she used to teach
motherShe is an epitome of love and care
As everything in love and war is said to be fair
Give her what she wants and your life is set
As Gods’ will shower all the blessings, I bet!!
Spend time with her before she becomes a memory
As sleep on her lap is more than a luxury
Hug and convey your love for her, when you meet
As having meals with her, would be world’s best treat
She is God on earth
And God will obey your mother, to make sure your life has no dearth
Her memories would make you cry
But she won’t come back, no matter how hard you try
So, embrace the present

And surprise her with the best present…  

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