Could Education solve the Problem of Jobs??

Knowledge is power if applied
Learning from teacher is necessary if supplied
If teachers and trainers go missing
Progress won’t be stopped but the great minds would be hissing
The machines would advance and make humans non-existent
As the distant dream, may become a reality in few months
Education I believe would bring the spark back
One would start with the few set of students and then they carry the legacy
Diffusion among the generations would decide the rate of ecstasy
As not only will the sectors develop, but also with humans; ‘not without’
Progress in the skillset and development of human capital will remove all doubt
I would give you both a lesson to become masters in what you are
And you would promise me to spread it far

Here is an example of what I propose

A class 10th in Delhi Public School in any city is filled with at least 40 students
But all don’t study or concentrate
And that necessitates the need to mutate
Bring a person who just concentrates on a maximum of five
And ensures results based on their strive
Teaches, trains and develops them in line with progress

And unemployment would never ever again become a stress

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